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Post by Sujith on Sun Jul 04, 2010 6:11 pm

How to submit a snippet

If you want to submit a new snippet please follow these steps:

  1. Please do a search before making it to see if a snippet has not already been posted about this subject
  2. If a snippet similar to the one you want to submit doesn't exist, send it via PM to one of the Moderators of the Forum
  3. Wait to see if your snippet will be accepted or refused. If it will be accepted it will be posted in the Tutorials forum by a Moderator and you will be given credits for writing it.
    If it will be refused you will get a PM from a Moderator telling you why your snippet has been refused.

If you want to modify/update a currently existing snippet:

Send your modification/update to one of the Moderators via PM and please don't forget to also give a link to the snippet that you wish to modify/update.
If your modification/update will be accepted a Moderator will make the necessary changes to the snippet in question and you will be given credits for updating it.

Criteria on which snippets will be judged:

  • Code Design - The code should be functional necessary comments should be made for user's understanding and redundant code should not be present.

  • Variable Naming - Appropriate naming of variables and functions should be done

Other useful points:

  • Use the [code] tags for your code

  • Give Instructions on how to run the code

  • Each snippet accepted gets you 15 points


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