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Post by Sujith on Tue Jul 27, 2010 5:57 am

School Anthem

We the Children of today,
Little Flowers everywhere,
Spread our sweetness far and wide,
Better the world in our own way!

Excellence in Education,
Is our only Motivation,
Duty, Discipline, Dedication-
In this we find our Inspiration

We learn, we play, we work, we pray
To fill our lives with joy each day!
We the Children of Today -
Better the world in our own way!

Let today be Dark and Gray,
Tomorrow is a bright New Day.
With Steely Minds and Dreamy eyes,
We're growing stronger everyday!

Heart for Heart and Hand in Hand,
Across the Borders of the Land,
We the Children of Today,
Little Flowers everywhere !

It is the simplest things that are most Complicated!
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