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Post by Sujith on Wed Aug 18, 2010 7:42 am

This is the number of posts you have made so far : 2 Posts

Ranks are obtained based on the number of posts you make or by other special judgment modifiers.
There are two main types of ranks -

  • Normal Ranks

    1. New LSF Member - 0 Posts
    2. LSF Member - 10 Posts
    3. LSF Regular - 40 Posts
    4. LSF Expert - 100 Posts
    5. LSF Mentor - 250 Posts
    6. LSF Alumni - 500 Posts

    Special Ranks give you privilege of being on the LSF Team.

  • Special Ranks

    • LSF Author - Contribute to LSF Tutorial Section
    • LSF Genius - Answer correctly questions in any one Section
    • LSF Coder - Great Programmer, Graphics Designer or Editor
    • Moderator - Help with the Administration of the Forum
    • Banned - Do something really bad on the Forum (Punishment)

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